Blicker Shoes

Blicker Shoes

High, higher at the Supreme – Blicker

Blicker happy titled as the specialist in high heels and that is not a lie. On the Reeperbahn, there are two shops, as a reference for the High Heels can apply – and one of the two is Durchblicker.

From a height of 7 cm to no longer be possible Clued offers footwear in all heights, Sizes and colors.

The classic black pumps in shoe size 37 can be found at Clued
just like screaming in colorful boots 46 for the more :Drag Queens: made.

The selection is large, counseling nice and competent and the store bright and friendly. It has even given me here once free paragraphs to a great pair of shoes instead of saving to persuade me, but to buy a new pair.

Blicker shoes

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