King Calevera – Hamburg

King Calevera Hans Albers Platz

The King Calavera is probably untypischte pub around the Hans Albers Platz in Hamburg. In this square normally stroll on a lot of tourists on their visit to Hamburg, the music pubs and bars adapt themselves to it and usually give the more shallow version of a strong concept represents.

The Irish pub singer sings Beatles, the fun pub plays the German hit, the eh no one can hear more and so on. Soft Washed up with as few corners and edges.

The King Calavera is because different. Guests hear Punk, Will, Gothic or sometimes hard rock, and it shows them also to, the DJ plays songs, that you have never or sometimes not at least heard long, but still like. Here is the pinup meets the punks, die Turbojugend auf den Rock’N’Roller und der Musiker auf den Musikliebhaber. At the bar, a St depends. Pauli scarf and wakes up the stairs to the toilet a great Betty Page.

This pub is great and anyone who visits the Reperbahn, not keen on soft flushed stores has, good music and appreciate, should urgently look into this once. Here you can make way more often times one or the other musicians to his gig in Hamburg.


King Calavera
Hans-Albers-Platz 1
20359 Hamburg


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