Behind the incredibly creative name “Kiosk” hidden – and frame OHL – a kiosk just.

A kiosk where you get everything, what a typical kiosk just as leads. Drinks, Knabberkram, morning and a sandwich, Newspapers etc.

The interesting thing about this stand is but, that there is no real opening times. Even if the kiosk is actually closed, this does not mean, that one can no longer shop here.

The owner lives directly behind the kiosk and a bell you can get it for-ward.

Even if one part feels a bit strange to there 23:00 or to ring later, the owner is always friendly and provides this as normal.

Also, who still needs some supplies for the party or movie night in the night, is right here.

But do me a favor, not bring him a beer from the bed, but then looks but rather the next gas station on.

Stormarner road 5
22049 Hamburg


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