Mercedeh is cruel. Every time, if I pass this storefront is my thought: “Wolln have! Everything! and forthwith”

Then I look at the prices and see, for example, € 349, 299€ and similar prices. Mostly my thought is then.
“No matter. Wolln still have everything!”

Is obviously unrealistic, Mercedeh but is still great, they have extremely sophisticated shoes and the heels on the other side 8 cm specialized. The normal black heel or any “Bettschuhe” You will search in vain for. These shoes are expensive, you see them, and it is to see everyone.

Those looking außergewohnliches footwear, Mercedeh should know and are among his favorite stores.

Exciting and reasonably affordable, it is, when the Mercedeh Collektionen changes. Price reductions of 70% is nothing unusual. Then there are the designer shoes at a bargain price of just over 100 €.
Zu diesen Zeiten ist das einer meiner Lieblingsplätze 😉


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