The most beautiful form is the essence of male to female and female to male vice versa.
Fell (455 – 403 in. Chr.), Athenian politician and writer


it was great yesterday to the party in splendor and glory. A really nice atmosphere and lots of nice people.

Although I was only about two clock at the party, but it has not been enough, lots of pictures, I previously knew only from the Internet times to see them live and speak some.

what I learned yesterday / recognized?

  • It's nice, to be recognized.
  • It is nice to be recognized and the person can not be assigned
  • It's almost cruel to hear: “You do not recognize me – Think about it, maybe you can even assign me anyway
  • It's nice, möglichts schnell die Auflösung zu erfahren 🙂
  • It's nice to hear praise.
  • Believe I can still hard to praise.
  • Sometimes it's hard on toilet doors between M & W to decide.
  • The route over the neighborhood is not as bad as thought of as trannie and you will not really considered (alone).
  • The route over the neighborhood is not as bad as it is intended as a trannie and fairly considered, but so what (to seventh).
  • Caipirinha with 9 € in gloss & Gloria really sauteuer.
  • After only 3 1/2 Hours of continuous dancing, go and standing on 12 cm feet hurt me (I must still practice)
  • I do not know the best will, as a friend of mine daily with long fingernails, when I wore yesterday, can live.
  • Many of the girls see live at least as good, as to their photos.
  • Some see from even better, than on their photos
  • There are days, Places and times, where you really should not forget his camera.
  • I should frequently visit such parties.

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