Zara is common


You always experienced disappointments, but you also learn to deal with it better and better.
Donatien Alphonse Franà § ois Marquis de Sade (1740 – 1814)

Life is common – Zara is no common.
On Thursday I saw at Zara gorgeous boots. High ankle, High Heel, Leader, black – stylish. The whole weekend I was in a conversation with myself.

Z=Zoe I=Ich 🙂

Zoe Tolle Stielfel. No Great boots, I want to have
I Are you crazy? Have you ever seen the price? 129 €. these are 250 Mark for boots, You wear the eh not often?
Zoe Of course I'm crazy – Speaking of shoes also they are soooo beautiful.
I But burning a big hole in my wallet
Zoe Your wallet is also my – me and it is in this case no matter. I also want them necessarily.

What can you say against such logic. With a friend to discuss is already damn hard. With his own thoughts to discuss is comparatively hopeless.

So I prepared myself to go to Zara and a pair of boots for completely crazy 129 € to buy.
I was also happy, I as a pair in 41 have found (Zara's largest size). I'm with the boots by the store towards the cabin and men waived for once more on clothing. Unfortunately, I had to find, dass Zaras 41 not the normal 41 corresponds. The boots were too small. What a disappointment. There is a picture somewhere on the Internet. with the inscription “They don’t know about their Mens Collection. This image would fit in there.

People Zara produces up please 42 your sizes – so that the shoes fit me yet

Very cranky too but I could not leave the store, da ein Mädel mich beim Rauskommen aus der Kabine mit einem ziemlichen Fragezeichen ansah 🙂 (Man comes from the Männerankleidekabine – with a pair of women's boots) Her look was divine and my grin certainly pretty much saying.

The boots were THE quintessential. After this I must have gone to Goertz to see, if I can find similar. And lo and behold. which there were. Even in the department would set down. Gutes Omen.

First look at the size.
41 FITS.
Second look at the price.
lowered to about 50 %
from 699 To € 329 €

I did not think about it further, because even my thoughts screamed bloody murder.
What is the result??? Now I'll never find boots, I liked the, as these two couples are on the ultimate list top.
— Big disappointment —


2 thoughts on “Zara is common

  1. Ich kann das verstehen! Zara hat viel zu kleine Größen, nicht nur bei Schuhen, sondern auch in die sonstige Mode muss man sich reinquetschennormalerweise habe ich S, bei Zara ist es dann oft meist M oder manchmal L!

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