For every problem there are several solutions. But if we do not find, we should ask ourselves, why we do not want to see!
Alexandra Maria Huber

Sometimes it is so, that solve tough decisions on their own. Sometimes, however, not so, as you would most like to.

For today's Thursday I had two invitations to a master table Henriette and a small party at Sabrina. Since I have both promised, in the next time vorbeizuschneien times I was in a little predicament. (Both appointments I really wanted to take you and I could not decide the best will, where I should cancel) – until yesterday….

A defect in the car solved this problem and I visited neither the one, nor the other appointment but had to attend an appointment at the shop of my choice. Since I need my car at the weekend, was somewhat important.

Also a solution to my dilemma….


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