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The Internet does not create new company, it reflects only the company again.
Ã, Â © Roger Pfaff (*1974), German Aphorist
yeah, as it is well. The Internet does not create new company, but reflects the society in a kind of distorting mirror again. However, it is not always clear, which page is distorted.

Again and again I hear or read something on the Internet in this way:

Before there was the Internet, I always thought, though I'm probably the only one??? (Kerstin Black)

It seems that, as if in this case the real life, the distorted mirror image. Also with me is always the question: “What am I doing here??” – Until I delved into the Internet.

If there is a “World Trannies Day” should be, then probably the development of the Internet. The Internet has shown me

a) There are more of my kind
b) It need not be objectionable
c) There are so many really great looking girls and if I can just cut a small slice, that would be nice to achieve success

… when I think about the right, dann sollte es auch noch einen Tag zur Entwicklung der Digitalkamera geben 🙂

Now, My blog is just one of many hundreds in the German internet and I do not even want to imagine, how many there were probably, if not a) Anxiety our Outing suppose b) knowledge would be to explore the possibilities on the internet shy away from the girls….

At least with b can be helped:

What does a Trannygirl durchzustarten to the Internet?

  • a name – Of course everyone wants to know, with whom they are dealing – fits a little on, what you take for a name, I carry a middle name for some time with me around, my nerves, but I do not should bear, SO me because everyone knows exactly. This is somewhat annoying, but I would not be the only girl, that your name changes over the course of development times
  • an email address with the new name – Who has not…. I offer more 6 Gmail invitations – Just a small mail to @
  • an Internet address, where to find you
    Add your profile on Trannynet or
  • better yet a website – simply register and start writing!: with or
  • A digital camera – A Trannygirl has to make photos of themselves and share them with the world. (We are all invested a little narcissistic, gell). – But please please do not put all the pictures ind internet but only the most. We do not admire and shudder Us.
  • Space for – Eventually you will make your photos and drop them want. Only where? On the PC?? Nope could have someone look at it or what if he needs to be repaired… There is a place, an dem man 1.3 GB can store photos. It's free and there are some nice features. You can share individual folders other people. Nice to show some photos, but others nicht.Braucht a Trannygirl more for the Internet?
    Alles Andere kommt wie von alleine 🙂


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