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Dreadful! Buhuu!
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Eggs, my quotes were already Witty, I know, But today is a Tank Buster quote up…

I have often complained lately to myself, I simply much too little practice, to improve my makeup skills Unfortunately, this is still an urgent need. Of course it should be possible. But what is it exactly, and above all, how do you get(n) the orderly way? Since I am reminded every day for some time chatting it (ja ich brauche da ab und zu mal einen Arschtritt 🙂 ), I've practiced yesterday again. and what shall I say. Despite detailed instructions can somehow I have to admit, that the result is not really convinced me. I looked a little like a Beagle from (not the stubble). But somehow reminded me yesterday my art but in their eye masks….

Girls, you have it good, that you have the problem for a long time behind you – wenn ihr es denn hinter Euch habt 🙂

Incidentally, there are now a few new pictures of yesterday, the snapshots…

Humorous, after my page 5 Could boast of days with significantly higher numbers of visitors (up to 260), the numbers have returned to normal today. Today there were about 55. Although I still do not know, was da los war, but it seems to be over. Pity!


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