Trannytest & Trannylicence

Ingratitude is worse than theft.
Aus dem Talmud

Sometimes, things go faster around the net than you can say cheese cake. In my daily look at Vivians Blog is a Trannytest I noticed, she has found in the Weitesn the INternet and I
a) immediately had to perform and
b) You do not want to deprive.

So I'll steal this content unrestrained. Those readers, read both blogs, so be asking for forgiveness.
This test has achieved the following results for me:

I must confess, however,, I was first titled as woman, I habe.Als I cheated on the last question, but the first question was answered honestly as desired from the test. Pho Frau…. I?? Where would we be as?

Since I have therefore passed the test and my Trannylizenz I was then handed

Oh by the way love myblogger, You should also look at times, if you actually woman, Mann oder vielleicht doch ein verkapptes Trannygirl seid 🙂


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