Shopping Spree

Put your interests, not in money,
but your money in your interests.
Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 – 1894)

Put money in his interests? I've made quite clear today. Why I had to choose only such an expensive hobby? I believe this hobby I hang on the nail * pruuuuust * No Nonsense, but today was expensive – quite expensive. And he is not even finished. To Party tonight I had to buy some makeup and a sponge before. In fact, it was then something mehr.Da this is a fetish party and I've been thinking about, if I want to stand there as Zoe, I stopped by a shop and African spontaneously bought a black wig 35 € gone. At the last party my stockings are constantly slipped out of the holder and I have always had trouble with my long fingernails, to bring this back in order. Because I want to wear evening both stockings and long nails today – I remembered, I would have to do something. (H&M is unfortunately in this area crap ago) …A good suspender belt costs just at Palmers 27 € …But holds at least. While I bought it I thought more. Seam should have the stockings… I got there which? Prefer to take a new pair – 6 €.

Okay, so far I was blonde. But what suits black???

From Douglas to leave and advise. On the question “I can help you” I'm having fun “and” said. I would go to a party today – and that as a woman. This is not the first time – However, I have been blonde. But now I have bought these black wig and I need eyeshadow, Lippenstift etc. The advice was good and it came out a green eye shadow. – This of course I also needed a new lipstick – and sending you to the right course, even the nail polish, an applicator and some transparent powder. Then I had to tell you briefly, where you would get wigs because in Hamburg.

Hmmmm mmmmmm green eyeshadow???….. Had I not recently at H&M saw nice green-black lingerie? I'm afraid so! and I was just on a spending spree, I made a trip there and this also brought.

Unfortunately, on his way a fashion jewelry shop, where I found a beautiful necklace, which was black with a cross and with dark red stones. Because of course I could hardly “no” say.

When I was already on the way back, I noticed only way to, that despite various bags and bags. Had forgotten the makeup and the sponge. Short detour to schlecker and this also changed. At the same time still took some mascara and prefer not to be recalculated, which may have cost all together. Human being, so that expects this, but this must be a very funny evening!!!
Too much but definitely!


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