Tran Hits & Olivia Jones

Tran Hits tot?
comes calmly
We do not bite.

I'm currently nothing. Not only, I work every day more, than actually wanted, no my free time I spend with it yet to bring comic projects on the way (Siehe the trannyring. But it's such a fun, that I like to take the stress on me.

Only Zoe comes as a bit too short. But it will be again. By the way, someone finally do something about the spam comment? This is really annoying with time.

Desiree told me about a new page. The page looks nice. One should keep in mind.

Oh something, in my wanderings through the net of me is the following movies Olivia Jones noticed. Very worth seeing. Germany's flagship drag queen, Hamburg, The Schmidts. Very worth seeing. to see here.



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