Hair make people

He died a slow death. He went on a blond poison based.
Werner Mitsch (*1936)

It is incredibly, what hair make up. – And especially how other people react on it. I have a few of my pictures at “” set to see times, as I so incoming. It is extremely struck me, how to distinguish between very blond and black. In Hip respectively 2 People are juxtaposed and the visitor can decide, who he likes better. Although all my images show the same person (to me to be exactly) schauts not look good.

Zoe in blond
Zoe in black

I win against with blond hair 45% all girls so I win with dark hair only between 19 and 30%. So between not even half to two-thirds.
This is sobering! I found the pictures, not so bad.

Now the voters take it well with Michy Reincke “Forever Blonde”

Very good way of developing Trannyring. Since yesterday has updated and we are in third place with a relatively long text, explode the number of visitors formally. What did not explode, the number of Aneldungen. Ensure the quality of the applications is pretty great. Sites like the of Jessica or are a real asset to the ring. So it can go on.

Oh one more: There is soon a new link to my site: I have today Tranny-BaG incorporated… And what do I have to see? Only 86 Entries for the whole of Germany there??? You have to do something, So you carries a – Of course, only once Her the “Trannyring are joined.


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