Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show
I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania.
Doctor Frank-N-Furter:

What do I need to Spiegel Online read???? There should be a continuation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And author Richard O’ Brien is currently working on the sequel of the musical.

An easy task, the musical sequel to the author composers not sure. He felt intimidated by the great success of his play, gave the 62-year-old Briton to. “The Rocky Horror Show” is next to all the silliness is a deeply-rooted in the human psyche parable about growing up and the loss of innocence. According lay the bar high.

insipid, Loss of innocence so? But in fact it is a great movie and a great fun in the musical. I have always admired the people, could actually have a say each sentence and the typical “Kings-” and throwing toast” also knew and helped shape the piece:

who does not know, what to do, instructions found here The Rocky Horror Prop-Liste

But especially the people I, gedressed came to the musical. Heels, Suspenders, Corset. However, I would never have thought, I would also someday like wear. Well firstly it is otherwise…. and secondly, as it thinks.

But really I just wanted to say:

of such a cult makes you no Wiiederholunen




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