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In three things a person differs from the other:
in voice, Appearance and mind.
Babylonischer Talmud

Webfundstücke In my wanderings through the web I found two remarkable sites on the weekend, anyone who wishes to withhold and deal with very different groups:

1) How exactly do I then found I no longer know, but I found a blog of a lingerie wearer, giving on his blog a very good introduction to the subject DWT. I've never thought about it or have it I did not care. Somewhere he wrote “Many think transvestites “Then, when properly”. I can confirm that, but of course I understand the affinity for beautiful clothing and beautiful materials. Check it out easily:
Why do men wear women's clothes and / or lingerie?

From this blog I jumped to another Blog – Klaudia oder zu Auris:

2) Auris is a transgender woman, tells in your weblog from your career. It seems the blog provider 20six to be almost a regional celebrity and writes very long but without being boring about her life. So if you a little about the feelings, want to know thoughts and problems of trans-identical individuals, should look in on her.

Aurisa has tried in her blog, times the relationship between TI's, TV's and CD resolve or explain. This is my opinion, however, only moderately successful. Probably should always only one member of each group in a statement by the different groups talk about it. But read for yourself:
Transidente, Transvestites and Crossdresser

Incidentally, it is not only me noticed, that there is someone, the beautiful and much writing but also, that there is someone with her, the well to everything and everyone writes a quote.

!!! Relief, the uniqueness of my weblog is endangered !!!


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