expensive breast prostheses

You should never leave spontaneity to chance.
Ã, Â © Stefan Schütz (*1964),

It is enough!
Spontaneity is a double-edged sword for me. About half of them brings the best out of me, the other half I act spontaneously allerdingt totally b'deppert.

Today the Federal Vision Song Contest went on TV and half of Germany (the female group) should have looked enviously at the neckline of Annette Frier. (The other half has probably looked between interested and entranced)

My reaction was irgendwio between, (between interested and envious), I know that my cleavage only, and not even very professional, is stuffed.
I thinking I. Rice bag, viscous fluids or the common sock must have served as soon as possible. Moment during the contest's still so I have taken the future of my necklines, Ebay visited and spent a lot of money. For this. Since I have played for some time with the idea, there to do something, I have already informed me a little with vendors and products. I bought but then spontaneously. Now you can decide:

[ ] Wild
[ ] A little crazy
[ ] Somewhat understandable
[ ] Comprehensible
[ ] Have I not too long
[ ] I do not need, mine are real.

I'm curious if they are worth the money or if I nachweine the bucks.

oh by the way, I do not look so pinched bargain immre – and Laura, pink color has now become a trend in Germany.


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