Sudden Cup B

Little things
Permanent complaint of minor evidence of pettiness!
Ã, Â © Gunther Kraftschik (*1952are>)

Small little things
Yesterday a package came in the mail, with my Spontaneous purchase was delivered. That was really quite fixed and is received by me, of course, a good evaluation. I waived by the way thanks to the return assessment, not to have to stand there TVBeate…. I Kleingeist, I.

Apropos small… I've taken Cup B, because it should suit. After seeing the “Dinger” have, however, seen at home, I had to find, that “B” in this case is quite small.

I can still remember a friend, die 100% ig Cup B crushes, But when her bra was clearly filled… Hmm I should measure their bust times exactly. I once got in another, but unfortunately there does not know her bra size, or no longer. …Since it has also not yet interested me the bean.

No matter, I do not want this to be petty trifles and adopt them as if they were my own.


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