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Hakuin called Master Hakuin

Soooo nochein last entry to the Breast prostheses.

I last a little bit about the size I have to say brokered ” fits scho’ ” Alles okay! Size okay, Halt okay, Percolation okay and feeling very good. I still have a very backless halter dress, I, sometime when it's warm, So now may sometimes wear clothing without annoying scraps. I am told, A beautiful back can delight. However, if I have, however, the other must decide. I probably never trust me but eh, to put it Although I hardly think, that “Master Hakuin has meant, they should get rid of the bra, but somehow it fits….. Incidentally, I find it a somewhat, not is not at all. 5 Some Klebepads costs 25 € !!!! 10 Märker for a little double-sided tape…. There must be something more favorable. Anyone who knows anything, the speak now or forever be silent! And I will not come with Gaffa tape or duct tape, for it will hold, and yet can be removed without, I have to get new skin transplanted….

Oh nochwas, I have a few new pictures released. and that's with two news.

a) The folder is different than times “more” named and is called “black in black”. I have not decided yet, images with which I am satisfied and less satisfied…. I look tomorrow.


b) I tried to take this into account, I keep hearing “Smile it out”. You've asked for it and you will need to determine, that between a smile and a moronic grin is only a very thin line. Incidentally, I do not seem to be the only person, the often heard something like: see here


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