High Heels in Bonbonfarben

Expensive a hamburger would never say, just because something is expensive, what have nouveau riche – not oneself and his ilk. Since the Hamburg speaks of native and refers to objects, not particularly stand out and of which, This is especially important, recognizes only the connoisseur, what they really cost.

Also, nobody looks at my laptop, which cost its repair and I'm from Hamburg and yet I say, “This repair was expensive” …but it was bound to be. Without the Internet and laptop I feel somehow not really good. Now I can finally update from time to time and sometimes restore a mail my blog.

Before I think about now, so the next thing I write, I will firstonce adjust an image of Pumps, I bought the other day. – although I really wanted to buy a pair of ear clips. Are not they great? 😉


Great or super ugly, gell. I think other opinions, it is hardly to be.


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