10 Bids

10 Bids
Childish question: “Grandmother, sag mal, apply after the war, the Ten Commandments again?”
Olaf Gulbransson (1873 – 1958)

No 10 Bids but a top 10 list to recognize whether you are trans ident.

The Top Ten: Woran you erkennst, dass you transident bist

Place 10:
Get the beer in the store but you actually run you in the ladies wear department.
Place 9:
The rocks at your car you treat recently with finger nail polish.
Place 8:
In each room of your apartment now hang at least two mirrors.
Place 7:
Your favorite actress Jody Foster is no longer, sondern Steven Segal.
Place 6:
You leave your car even deeper place, so you can enter better in mini skirt.
Place 5:
You ärgerst dich, that the beer crates always depend only toy trucks and no bras.
Place 4:
Your boss makes you a marriage proposal.
Place 3:
At every red light you put the new mirrors on you a.
Place 2:
Your neighbor, who has seen you through the living room window in the dominatrix outfit with whip, recently kneels in front of you.
Place 1:
You throw all 14 Days your scales out the window.
Bei mir hat Top 3 won

The real girls, the draufschauen here:
In the A or if you apply other, then You Are not necessarily identical trans-. Then I recommend you, rather again Here the Trannytest to make.

Man, Frau Trannygirl. what you're really?
I actually am the way, as visible Our Trannygirl.


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Meine Trannylicence



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