6. TGCP in Hamburg

At a party the most contributes to the conversation at, is not there.

Saturday was the 6. TGCP (TransGender Club Party) – for myself it was the second. I did, however, still not at all on the last November Partyim what or who it was waiting for me there this time something else. In this 6 Months since the first actual design and daring of yesterday's party I met so many girls, that there was no shortage of entertainment.

In contrast to last November, this year was somewhat empty and almost a little family. One half of the trannies was there, the other half of, had something else before, another half had no desire or scared and the last half was probably in Cologne on the event ID. A bit of a shame, but even so it was very very nice and loud top organizer Kathryn with nearly 80 paying guests fortunately not in deficit. This may be because, that most of the girls were on site at Hamburg, However, in these “newly arrived”

Exciting it was always, if something did need cooling and a troop trannies were staying at the bar and Reeperbahn visitors know about us. Of interest, about amusement, a few wisecracks (but these were usually countered with more original sayings) to much approval was really all there. Some people even came spontaneously purely on the party. Somewhat bizarrely, the situation of a woman, which was very exciting and we then proudly declared, that your brother would be TOO gay…. I'm not sure, whether she understood at the end, that the “also” is not appropriate in this case…

I had to then purchase the burger in the near Burger King have to say about bystanders guests, I had a great Laufmasche…. No problem, I thought, I have spare socks here…….

Too bad, I was not paying attention when I packed up. …I wore yesterday stockings, but the wrapped holder would have needed… Super Zoe! Seeehr inch.

A Nightmare quarter of an hour later is still happening to me. My leather jacket was gone – and with this leather coat and my conclusions, Portemornaie, ID etc. one, would have taken the mantle, So could drive without any problems directly to me and rob my house, as keys and ID were together directly…

Of course this is the worst thing you can do, this intuition or experience has given me but not really helpful as I thought, I

A) come home and
B) should come to my house and
c) This quickly as possible….

Fortunately, my coat was then recovered after a quarter of an hour and a lot of looking the bartender in the dressing room. Someone she has kindly given there… Puuuuuh

And I've been thinking about, I like my parents, have a spare key, should tell my lift. So I've learned something and yet could go home happy.

Incidentally, I have a whole lot of pictures. Who would like to see this, please give me a brief message by mail, I do not want to adjust the images publicly.

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