Zoe's birthday

I'll still born, every day is my birthday.
 © Dr. phil. Manfred Hinrich (*1926)

Digital Photography
What would be the transgender world without the digital camera technology ! I'm sure, that the inventor of these cameras is also been determined trannie
Lady Annabelle

For once I start a diary entry with two quotes. This is because, an event on the one hand, but on the other hand is also a day of content this entry. There is a small tribute to a person, I got to know last week.

Some time ago I read a thread in a forum on the theme Where the DWT to be heard or better, ab wann ist man TV? Generally a hard question to answer and certainly different for each person. I for one have a time for me as I define this transition. Exactly on 29.05. last year I bought my first digital camera and this purchase has caused a chain reaction and a change.

yeah, and a change I've been through and I started as a DWT have (which I did not yet know the expression)

No, if I'm honest, I have a pair of black patent pumps in size 40 started, I lowered to a shoe store 10 DM saw and absolutely had to buy.

Me that these shoes would not fit I probably already knew, but the moment it was not important. I wanted these shoes simply.
Want to have shoes = buy =
(one, of followed my blog a little, will this have probably already noticed)

So I probably started out as a shoe fetishist. Later I was then annoyed, that these shoes did not fit me and I could not force myself purely because even with the best will. I bought a second pair in my size but not quite as high and carried it.

Eventually, I then bought some clothes here and there, I drew this. But makeup or even a wig I would not use or have ever, because it was just too heavy. (I was so unvarnished man in women's clothing)

So it was certainly 2 Years or so. in the time I was one of the silent readers without image in Trannynet or the Spinchat, then bought but at some point a (Cruel) Wig the next best Africa Store, which has now been long landed in a trash can.

On 29.05.2004 (lucky, I had to keep the receipt for the warranty) I put myself on a digital camera and first saw a picture of me (unadorned with a bad wig). This has scared me more than I would have done it… Since I had seen the images at various Trannynet, I knew “there is another way” and have taken the decision, I must do something….

This 29.05. last year should then speak of the birth of Zoe have been and where you want it step by DWT without external representation to a TV, the shows (and it was at first only in a Trannynet profile)

A new wig, some make self-tests and many photos later, I started my blog in June . On 20.11. I first went out (TGCP in Hamburg). There I was, just before I was fortunately recognized and addressed by Llaura after a quarter of an hour already on the Go. On the night I still know a few girls and still remained… today.

Since then I have met many nice people and I've met a few people, who all belong one of the swatter. There were many great, some stupid and sometimes exciting situations – Such reactions provide, moreover,. This year, part of my wardrobe has made quite wide and I do not know where to go with my shoes. I have a lot of photos, of which the largest part forever in “Giftschrank” bleiben wird 🙂 Alles in Allem will ich das Jahr nicht missen.

I think, I have found the way, which is okay for me. Like Tranny, happy times a night as a woman traveling gedressed, but otherwise very happy as a man.



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