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Where the customer does not buy off the rack, is the cutter off the hook.
Ã, Â © Werner Mitsch (*1936)
My Blog is, I believe, more and more of a Trannyblog a fashion blog. Na egal. As long as it's Zoe's Fashion.

In Hamburg there once a month Hip-Cat-Club, a great party at the night shelter on the Thalia Theatre. There only 60s classics and beads are played. I have been every time no more than 4-5 Known songs. Nevertheless, it is great and extremely danceable. Great is the audience, Lurex-Minikleider, Cordjackets, floral tops or even a mushroom head. 60he years, be paid and how it lives.

I am determined to go there someday as Zoe. so I thought I'd get slammed on Ebay.

This red dress is now in my 60s. Have bought and quickly sent. It went really fix. This morning the package with me. Short and tried to find……”Hmmmmm passend… but somehow… not the real thing.”Somehow it is always so:Up too tight – suitable or below
Above fits – to weit.achja down and it was much too long. What of it, then please Mini I do not know, somehow I get the feeling more and more, as would women's clothing not made for us trannies. Is that supposed to be????No matter. Dress, Bra and breasts bagged and visited the next Alterations (an Afghan). When I told, that this dress would have tighter and shorter, this until tomorrow and in such, that I would fit in there, said the tailor (about 30 years) “A lucky, that my father is not around, is, otherwise I would tell him that again”… but that he would to 18:00 tomorrow hinbekommen. Now I stood there a man in the dress in staking and felt pretty ridiculous… Makeup and wig make just so much fro. Incredible!!.I just hope, I'm coming with my upper body through the tight skirt tomorrow. I'm excited. But here we have a non Trannies unerhebnlichen advantage. We can only go into the dress and then to take the Bust. …Update
The next day to 18:00 I stand at the tailor on the mat. (Nur who Vater as). Well, try then just falls flat. I give my note from the tailor and disappears back… A short time later I had to identify my dress. “This here…. it has been changed but not yet…. but it is still needed”The cutter has then indeed to 18:00 closed with the shopping center, But to me 18:45 handed over to the door, the dress modified. Sehr nett.

It now fits quite well by the way.


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