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Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865 murdered)

To Dress down It was recently following little chat with Sarah

How much was the dress actually now
Do you think the dress,
the dress and the change
or the total package of dress, Change, Chain, Ohrklicps, Ring and shoes?
du bist eine Tussi 🙂

….They did quite well. Sometimes I can hardly deny that.

Just hypothetically…
I would buy orange boots. For example, similar to those right here, I intend to wear with a black skirt and shirt… Why would I definitely get the idea, ACE mal bei C&A look past to look, whether there underwear in exactly this Orange… The view then black clothes but eh no würde.Ich my just hypothetically… Not, that something like this would have happened or something * cough * Or is there actually someone about, which is something like this or something similar ever happened about?

Eggs, pertussis. Bad time. What exactly is a chick?

Wikipedia – Tussi
Today, the term is “¾ Ink”"Mostly an unnatural, superficial, characteristically weak and mentally challenged female person. In some circles of society also is also a naive, with partly enclosed but also cheap and conceited behavior. One “¾ Ink”"Thus symbolized as the exact opposite of a fairly emancipated, confident, strong, female character.

So that I have to have time by myself decidedly. …weibliche Person
Now everyone knows, of followed my blog, that this attribute is not for me 100 percent applies. But honestly, nenene a chick as described above, I am not.

But it would not be so, I was angry that Sarah, otherwise she invites me for next week to the CSD in Cologne again. CSD in Cologne. This means it is celebrated. Because I think it is now just as Donna.

As she added?: “I have announced at full throttle. They should say at the end “A lucky isse away””
A beautiful theme! and I look forward, had a pair of girls from various chats, not just come from the Hamburg, meet.

… it actually looks like from the Hamburg girls, who also hangs out there in Koelle around?

Rumtreiben, I have with me last night Annabelle rumgetrieben and made possible photo shoot places in inspection. Now I'm wondering two things.
1) Where can I get a ladies best DDR Grenztuppen uniform and forth
2) Hamburg actually has the money, to actually use all the surveillance cameras? And if so, Who do we have to bribe or put pressure, um später an die Bänder zu kommen 😉

Besides, we have also discussed but important questions. For example, the question, why you may well lead us to war Trannies. Maybe we write down the times. betimes. sometime…. or not

Achja Desiree. You were lucky, fast wären wir bei dir eingekehrt und hätten Frühstück verlangt 🙂


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