Kölner CSD 2005

When someone goes on a journey, so he can tell what.
Matthias Claudius (1740 – 1815)

Me young tranny has not moved too much away from Hamburg. I've enjoyed myself in and around Hamburg and leave all the festivities in Germany itself.

But instead rumzutreiben me this weekend with Sabrina on her party or finally to attract my 60s dress for Schlagermove, I've put myself in my car and have put in motion to the CSD in Cologne. Sarah had invited me and so I wanted to accept this invitation to. You hear a lot of it, that dei Cologne could celebrate….

Fortunately, I have the Carpool another rider found, who agreed, to 5 To jet clock in the morning with me to Cologne. 20 Euronen I had saved some entertainment while driving.

So I am to 10 been with him for five and somehow you could see the same “jepp, also wants to CSD…) – just like almost every, has driven this weekend to Cologne….

Still in Hamburg, we had cleared, that we both wanted to CSD… We then talked about God and the world, and came, like any ordinary conversation at the subject “Weather”
he: hopefully it will properly heat
I: hopefully it is not too hot, this is not good for me.

Now, I've cleared up, what I want in Cologne, I'll be traveling as a tranny and that is too hot is not good, because you do not want yes, that the make-up runs. How Lazura said at some point? Trannyunfreundliches weather is too hot.

Now, from then on we had a conversation, sure that occupied the next two hours, more or less all facets of the transgender closer illuminated. Fetishes, Differences, Name selection, the question of whether homosexuality is probably Transvetitismus or recognized social. Whether I go out well, and if so, as. Drag or tranny and and and.

A very nice and interesting conversation. When it turned out the, that he works in a disco (Edelfettwerk) and there it all really on the “Obsession” Party has noticed. (Since I've always wanted to go).

Well, later, he still said hatz, he also finds high shoes great and times when it should actually opt for a Woman, then it certainly would not prevent, wenn sie klein auf hohen Hacken wäre 😉 Er scheint also der Frauenwelt noch nicht 100%ig verloren
overpriced Biomädels if your nags, that all the good looking guys are gay, it seems to be, that you have not lost per se, You have to put stuff into something more.

It was also interesting, that he told me, that he was once a woman on the go. Even if my idea green sequined dress first own make-up tests and 9.90 DM Women's C&A is first zuwieder, he is a closeted Tranny, no question

Hard to say,I actually look not so bad, if I just filosiofiere as a man with stubble on the Trannydasein… Damage, I had no picture, to underpin this. And mal sehen, vielleict werde ich einfach das nächste Mal auf eine Obession-Party gehen und mich als Zoe vorstellen 🙂

Cologne II


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