The later the evening, the more beautiful the guests

Women: Anger at its finest.
Andreas Thöni Hobbyphilosoph

Köln III

There are several “Rituals” about me, if I had before, gedressed strike out – as well as some, which then inadvertently, but happens regularly.

The first thing I Lacquer usually carefully the nails while I still wear. There, I've developed a nice technique with double sided tape, otherwise the nail polish leaves me free. While the fingertips to dry in front of him, I am looking for the bathroom on. Normally, it takes much longer than planned then, so I aufkreuze too late to the actual party once again. Since normally but no one is waiting on me and yes all are already big and to consider himself, hurts me but not at all. I think it is then roughly with the slogan:

The later the evening, the more beautiful the guests

“Guests” I am in the case, because I go out only, if I'm reasonably happy with me.

Well, if no one is waiting for me that's okay, however, it is difficult, by explicitly waiting for me… So last weekend in Cologne. If I also do not find myself in my own routine and my own bathroom is hairy.

Set just once to a new situation?
Not with Zoe!
I can not.

I am so makeup. Then realized – when I was about half done – that somehow lacked the makeup of the powder… So abschminken – new makeup, Head shaking, abschminken – new makeup.

Sometime after hours I was finally finished and all thought, nu could go there….
Forget it!
My nails were not ready.

As mentioned is usually my last step, Glue the painted nails. In this case, but just nothing was painted. So fix glued nails (So fix, that the first was gone already in the subway ….) and loslackiert…
um want loslackieren.

But where the hell I left my nail polish? I had but just been in the hands. Probably somewhere in my pocket großenm. To find him in it is about the same as with the needle and the haystack. Hopeless.

Okay okay, So I waive the right color for lipstick. (Normally, I would have covered my entire makeup and also elected a new lipstick for the new nail polish) I would have done this, however,, I would have been on Monday in the image:

Stoned tranny

So I chose the next best color and now losgepinselt.

I've never painted so fast – and never so careless.

My hands got about as much nail polish, like my nails and overall was the color not as good as hoped applied. Here too dark, there, too bright, etc..

For such hands should be ashamed – and I have also done enough of the evening. I tried my hands mostly outside the visible range to keep and rejoiced, when it was finally dark and at least the color is no longer noticed…

Now I was finally ready. And we could go. All were happy and annoyed we moved from Dannen. Of course, not without another stop about 300 Insert meters from the apartment, because I had forgotten my cell phone… I was still Women call to meet them. Only later I realized then, me that the phone uses nothing, if I still remember the number in my travel bag…

So we recite:

Chronically unpunctual, requires considerably more time than the average German woman in bathroom, notoriously dissatisfied with oneself, absolutely scatterbrained, quite forgetful and barely be described as professional, when it comes, times just to adjust to other matters or circumstances.

If I did not have to do with their, I would hate Zoe.

But I do not

..But I understand each, I bring to distraction or despair and apologize.

CSD Cologne IV
CSD Cologne II


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