Irrenhouse Party

“¾ The person is permanently crazy, and when he realizes it, the country is im Irrenhouse”¦”“
Ã, Â © Elmar Kupke (*1942),

I must confess, I'm doing a little wrong Mr. Kupke, if I quote abändere be so. Of course it is with him “Madhouse” not “Irrenhouse“. But the fact is, my hack that shot, the mine is well known, me to the Irrenhouse has brought.

The whole thing has a little history. Some time ago I showed Donna chatting this with the words “Hammer suspect?” I nodded and confirmed this via chat. I learned, that this was misleading house party in Berlin and you can see more pictures here. Great pictures of great girls. I was excited and wanted to go there once… By chance, I then had an interview on Monday in Berlin and learned, that it coincided with this wonderful party… But unfortunately there was no one, the then wanted with me and comment, that there would be very little trannies and it was otherwise a gay / lesbian party, encouraged me not to go there just as Zoe.

No matter! I said to myself, I do it anyway.

Time jump up to the evening before the disco —>

Small and insignificant
Fame is fleeting, be insignificant but is forever.
Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
Napoleon I. Bonaparte (1769 – 1821)
When the taxi driver had asked and then we finally reached the birthday club I could tell pretty quickly, that it was probably the right club. I gave him his 16 € !! and teetered towards club. Slipped a little in my heart but the stomach. Do the girls really look as good as, like it to be really good and I would come in at all?At least the latter question was answered the same to me she me of the snake called directly by and let happen without admission. Thanks for that!Guest lists are matter. Cool it, without being on the guest list for free in a disco to kommen.Drinnen I found, that in fact there were very few trannies. However, these were all extremely well…
See here and here and here and here and here and… oh can we das.Fest is, that the girls even more by their attitude, radiated self-image as much as by their appearance, I am a little small and insignificant fühlte.Wie said Annabelle London? “Champions League”… Now some of the Berlin girls can play as loose.
I do not!
But you do have any unattainable goals, gell.Zur party itself, there is not so much to say. It was a really good party, zwei Dance Floors. With a House and a little harder House, A second mixed but very good music. Various DJ's and DJanes, nettes the audience mit locker 85% XY Chromosomen.Tanzen, drink, Have fun, something more to drink and joint, which was offered to me not refuse. Short pose for a photo with some unknown guy and watch weitertanzen.Zwischendurch the trans show:The first was hostess Nina Queer, which a few words of introduction to the, taught them the love or hate. In her dressing gown reminded me somehow of Sweety Glitter in his dressing gown, he always wears his concerts to top… The only difference is, Sweety's Platoes that was not quite as high sind.Erster Act Biggy Blonde, Leo whose outfit was pretty cool. It was followed by countercmhcfold force “Anna Bar“, to “She works hard 4 the money” a whole bottle of vodka poured over the audience. Rather the trash part of the evening, but also cool.Wiederum followed Nina Queer, which covered the store and the audience with confetti. She has managed, that loosely through the small bottleneck in my Becks Lemon 10-12 Confetti pieces flying and there rumschwammen perk. She took off her robe, and later her little red dress and strutted to the playback in a swimsuit with a huge green umbrella by the amount. Trashy but also as glamourös.Das Highligt in my eyes was the appearance of Stella the Stroy, that looked pretty amazing. Some battered wheels on stage later she lost her wig, imbued with the confetti and vodka was probably no longer available….Gottverdamter Mist! But she saw with her own short hair still looks great. Grumble by the way. Berlin woman probably has to have a fancy name. Why did I actually no ordinary? Hmm, let me think. Oh, I come from Hamburg. Understatement wins here – But I could change in time anyway. Girls give me Vorschläge.Apropos HamburgManchmal I verteufel my hamburger origin, the me simply can not be as communicative, as any Ruhrpottler or so. Does that mean, Although I danced a lot, but hardly talked and established a fortiori no contacts.That's about the way I was at this party

In any case, the party is very well. Thumbs up!

By the way I think about actually, the 4 Years astray House Party on 20.08. to visit…

by the Way, that Zoe, which is shown on the site, that's not me…


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