My beloved alter ego

In the daily mass outing in the media, We see our own dirty laundry.
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In this mass outing I'm rather reminded of my own laundry, which should now be clean though, but the wet overnight spent in my washing machine. The washing machine is indeed my, But the basement is of two games in my house accessible. Well hopefully not my neighbor because sometimes looks after, I wash such as.

but on:

Completely against my usual practice, I give today is not just a small teaser to an interesting Newspaper articles of the Main Post, but fancy the entire article with picture with me from, because it is really good and the last paragraph also has a goal, which needs to be supported.

Men in drag with high heels

Würzburg Although Denis from time to time about his skin-tight, red dress tight black leather corset laces up the, is slipped over black fishnet gloves, slipping into high heels, then painted his fingernails and lips anmalt, he still feels as a man – is even glad and proud to be a. “A man in drag”, he says. Denis Transvestite.

Daggi Binder, studying at the University Communication Design, has between for her thesis in a photo book Denis and twelve other transvestites in age 23 and 54 Portrays years in large-scale photographs and quotes, as they both roles – Man and woman – live.

The 31-year-old Schweinfurterin also chose unusual angles or went with her camera up close to the performers. With no fear. Very personal and, above all honest are their portraits.

When Denis takes on the role of Denise, of course change some things. “Denise as I do not drink beer, certainly not sitting there legs. With the role change my gestures and movements are female, I get a more upright posture, For it is indeed a woman in front of you”, explains the 28-year-old.

“From my 23 Pairs of shoes are just four pairs of men's shoes”, admits another performer. And another transvestite reveals: “I like men to their often direct and straightforward manner and straightforward dealing with difficult situations. I just love women, their type, their essence, its beauty and perfection. And most of all I love it, by them to be surprised every time anew. I'm not trying only, Trying to understand women.”

Portrayed the transvestite giving readers an insight into their daily lives, they give inclinations award, describe their fears and talk about issues with which they have to struggle. “In society, transvestites often encounter incomprehension and are quickly forced into the grubby corner of the red light district”, explains the graduate designer.

“However, statistics show, that 82 Percent of transvestites are heterosexual men, except, that they periodically, from unexplained reasons, to live out their feminine side.” Other than transgender people, the feel in the wrong body and have an operation, Transvestites not take another generation to.

From experiences in their acquaintance- and friends know Buried_In_Black ties to the problems of transvestites. “Although gays and lesbians are now accepted in the society, But still many people have inhibitions against otherness – this also applies to transsexuals.”

Reduce fear of contact
“From the beginning of acceptance and tolerance were my most important goal”, it emphasizes, “I wanted to refute stereotypes, Reduce inhibitions and fear of contact.”

First contacts she has in Internet, and at parties, where transvestites celebrate together, linked. Many potential actors wanted the artist but their other, male side – without makeup and wig – not show. And certainly not in front of the camera. “Out of fear for their jobs, to be previously rejected or discriminated, only have many times said no”, tells the binder Buried_In_Black

“Others feared to be recognized; as they live out their feminine side in secret, to family, To protect women or children.”

Besides Buried_In_Black Denis Binder has also portrayed Uli. The 48-year-old describes himself as “Absolute Macho”, nevertheless he slips from time to time like in Cashmerepulli and ironing pleated pants, contributes to eye shadow and put on his pearl necklace. “I'm as happy a man as woman”, says Uli. That he “otherwise” is, he knows, since he 13 is, with 16 he bought his first pair of high-heeled shoes, and since then he 18 is, He lives “Shia” – a real lady – regularly.

Prior to his friend Renate he does not hide; she has learned to love Uli and Shia.

Together with other graduates of the design department Buried_In_Black Binder has recently exhibited her photographs at the University of Applied Sciences, Now she is looking for a publisher for the picture book.

I think, that this article is very interesting and a truly worthy of publication illustrated book describes. There are also several places in the article, in which I find myself personally.

Please more of such articles




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