RuPaul as transgender Barbie

Dolls we are, drawn by unknown forces on the wire; nothing, nothing we ourselves!
Georg Buchner (1813 – 1837)

Are not we all a little externally controlled? Otherwise I can not imagine anything I. In my current browsing through the vastness of the Internet as something I noticed. For example this doll it rechts.Falls anyone should not have recognized, is RuPaul and as such about the most famous drag queen überhaupt.RuPaul me also has a WeblogFor all, the way they think would be too old… which was told. RuPaul is already 44 and absolutely sexy. At least, when he was not as Conehead rather than go RuPaul. Honestly, who would have recognized it?

But what I really wanted out:
If anyone of you a little girl in the family have, soon the birthday, then you should let me think, one RuPaul-Puppe to give. Subtle, you can probably install the TG-topic barely. But caution, I do not know looks like the doll under her dress.



matching contributions:
still nothing.




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