In many professions, the colleagues are the real relatives, they feel with each other far more at home than at the place, they call their home, where they sleep, eat and spend a dreary Sunday.
Prentice Mulford (1834 – 1891)

…and sometimes tell you things even colleagues, which one of the family and close friends not erzählt.Bei me is something like this happened last Monday. I was eating with a colleague. (no not the!) Well, we talked about everything and nothing, about the company and some Other.

We then came to the possibility of self-. Well, since my study was about the subject I've definitely been thinking about… and why not in the broad area with our favorite topic.. So I mentioned, I could imagine, to become self-. But it was understandably not out, the area in which I could imagine it to. Rumdrucksen for something I stuck with it, not told it to sagen.Aber I had already too much. Now, no matter, We changed the subject and came to my Berlin visit from a few weeks ago. However, they only knew the business content, However, none of the Irrenhouse-Party I told them about the hotel disaster and Berlin in general and also, that on Saturday I was going to a party. “what was that for a party” “…Uhhh a Irrenhouse-party, House eben.” I wondered a little, if I should say what was behind it and then chose yes!. It was a monthly party a Berlin drag queen size, and it was pretty cool… I would go on and on about something unusual parties. On a gothic / fetish party I was even once another colleague ran into However, that would not see me / recognized. Why the, I did not mention, but I promised to send a link times, then they would already understand. (this Blog).Back to the company, So I sent out a link and an image at the same time

with the small text:
Or so I was traveling, but that would probably me my mother did not come erkannt.Zurück:
that's hot. You look great and of course I would not have recognized you…She even offered time to make a design suggestion for my blog, because they would have had something like this to ever want to feel like.
GerneNa, if the time was not an entirely unproblematic outing )Oh Mrs, as they have just observed, now if they read along, everyone who speaks to me as / about Zoe, to be discussed here is in danger. As 200 news daily visitors want and I do not want to disappoint



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