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Berlin III
Berlin is more a part of the world as a city.
Jean Paul (1763 – 1825)
What would I do without my weblog? Well sometimes I did nothing, For example, last weekend. Instead, I went to Berlin. 's Funny. There are just 280 Kilometers to the capital and I 29 Years used to go there once. Less than a month later I was back da.Und what that has to do with my blog? …go back a short: About a month ago I was in Berlin for Irrenhouse-Party and was pretty excited. For this I wrote a (not at all that) small contribution already set in my blog and it was mentally, to attend this party once again…. Preferably just last weekend, because the party promised to be especially.

4 Years Irrenhouse – 5 Nina Queer Jahre

that sounded really good. Unfortunately, it looked rather poor with accompaniment. All gone or stress. Well shortly after this post, I received an e-mail from Pricilla, who wrote me, how she came to Berlin, and to this club and remained in Berlin. They also invited me, if I wanted to come to Berlin, to stay with their. A great opportunity I thought to myself and said to…. Well, not immediately, but in the end I said to.

I just see, Pricilla that since today has a blog. MyBlog sei dank. At the moment the shoot Trannyblogs like mushrooms. there's the blog omas Auris (More 2003), Vivian (Aug 2003), I eventually came to 2004, followed by Sarah-Maria (July 2004) (and, I count that as a character blog), and Donna (Juni2005) just two months ago, Now as already described Pricilla. Annabelle and Annika, would like Blogging, if they had a blog…. It seems to develop a Trannyblogsphere.. Very good this development.
Interjection end

Well, back to the topic. Berlin. So I said to, obtain but not without a few information, whom I would visit because there. (yeah prudence and valor give – at least I knew Pricilla not bisdato). Now, the information was so, I said that “Okay, I dare so”. Hamburg flight > Berlin , Berlin > Hamburg entered into the Carpool. Collected and rider on the highway. Sometime around 23 Clock Friday night I am angekommen.Pricilla then has a dream, huge loft on the river Spree and was prepared for me a nice little bed and breakfast. 23 Clock was a little late to the rumtransen, So we talked about God, the world, Search Engine, Policy and certainly a lot more – really nett.Am next morning, or rather afternoon we wanted to go shopping gedressed. So we are with her old MG open in the city, firstonce have breakfast and then to make an extended shopping spree at Balzac.

I've yet found fault neulig, at the disco that nobody has noticed me, as it has in Berlin on the day and hardly anyone. There seems to be normal and is thus now only see my blog from consideration, if it is grossly different
interjection end

The very first stop was a bank, so I could get some money. Put the card into the slot at the bank, but nothing happened. Neither the card is fully retracted, yet they came out again, yet the door is open. Blast it. Unfortunately, the card was so far inside’ that neither Priscilla nor I could do something with our long fingernails. Has then helped a woman behind us (with her short fingernails ) The door opened then and still the shopping could beginnenAls first led me into a Pricilla Fashionstore “good and cheap” it should be. Agreed. How visible on my soulful smile I've bought something and that two skirts and a dress. Super nice and the Seller, apologized to the, Unfortunately, only goods that could be exchanged for goods. However, I had tried it and said,, I do not think it, the convert Next stop was a cocktail in front of this store. That was a mistake, because while I thought about the slurping, that one dress, which I had not bought it actually was really nice…. So back in and with another dress out… Actually, so my budget was exhausted so – I thought at least…

The error was, that we walked and led us to a shoe store away after a few minutes. no calculated shoes…. Of course it drew me in. magical, Of course, I also found a pair of shoes, which really pleased me (So strictly speaking, I found many different pairs, I liked) but I have just bought a pair Schuhe.Witzig only was the seller, of just when I tried on the shoes of a customer about the “Orthopedic height” told of shoes. ..that would be the height of orthopedic and you should not run on flatter shoes. Men had always problems, since she never wore heels… My question, whether men really never would do this, he did not answer. I do not know, if he ignored me or did it simply does not belong, but probably he was just engrossed in the sales pitch. Well I paid by card and we left the store a few tens of meters in the next few gehen.Das to my card at the time still stuck in the machine I noticed, however, only, as a lady approached me and my card with the words “otherwise your purchase is now complete * grinz *” returned…. Next stop was the pooh Galeries lafayette-, but was clearly too expensive. A little funny, the two boys and one girl were behind us on the escalator “tuschesl Tuschel, Shemales…both.. Tuschel” the girl said, then “Tuschel Tuschel is indeed common, But we can attract men pants… Tuschel Tuschel” Yeah I got good ears and hear almost alles.Naja, We finished shopping here and went back to the car and then drove open to the Kurfürstendamm. There was just street party we had there and also in various shops. (I took the risk and got the new shoes a little broken in. Well, We were pretty much. Of a business in the next. …It folte among other things, another shoe store and thus another pair of shoes “HILFEEEE I am Shopaholic” Later I said to myself then. “Be produced from, I buy nothing more” We went a little weiter.Auf the street fair were also a few dealers with wigs and I've actually toyed with the idea, one to try, just to see people's reaction, if someone is not just about pulls the wig, but a similar decrease by a different set up. I think some would be pretty stupid schauen.Apropos goofy look at a stand still we have eaten a sausage and rumgestrieben us for a while there. Pretty stupid because a young woman has not quite looked at us, could not leave us the view. I was itching in the tongue, but they rauszustrecken my good upbringing forbade me. Unfortunately, I then also refrain, to address them and to ask for the reason of their interest. Who knows, maybe I had a run or so ;-)Well, but then we went back to the car and drove home. By the way, now did my feet hurt pretty. Oh man why we are doing ourselves on getting back to the????

I come to the party the next day, so check it in again.



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2 thoughts on “Shopping in Berlin

  1. An alle Damen darf ich nur empfehlen beim Schuhkauf, gerade wenn es um Pumps geht,mal etwas weniger aufs Geld zu schauen. Mit einer Ledersohle geht es sich viel bequemer. Ebenso wird der Gang etwasnatürlicher”.

    Mfg Maria

  2. dem kann ich nur zustimmen. Mein Reden. Bei schuhen schaut man nicht aufs geld, sondern kauft Qualitat. This is a little more expensive, aber es rechnet sich.

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