4 Years madhouse – 5 Nina Queer Jahre

The madhouse madness is normal.
Ã, Â © Andrzej Majewski (*1966)

Herr Majewski, seems the Birthday Club, to know the Mad House and Nina Queer. Because let's be honest Here the ist Wahnsinn by excellence – and it is quite normal in a mental house. At least it does not interest, even if some people wonder matürlich. “what the hell is the?”

So I was come to Berlin to party, The evening should be fun but I felt the firstonce long Einkausbummel my feet hurt. If these feet still hold an evening with heels? No matter, will work out somehow. First of lie down for a few hours, wanted since I was a little broken by the week and not to make half-limp one. When I woke up sometime later, I unfortunately had to find, that not all sunshine and roses, but now rainy weather was announced (Weather / not mood). Rainy weather, I could have stayed in Hamburg No matter. Actually, it was good, because so far I only knew Berlin in the sun and best temperatures. And Berlin in the rain is just as boring as Hamburg in the rain. Get ready to think slowly to the… What shall I wear? The battered red dress or rather the new black dress? No matter, I was planning anyway to paint a red / Antrazites Eye Makeup, er, er, apply paint (was sagt man dazu?), this decision could wait. …Well all in my heart I had already decided anyway. – I would hardly Zoe, if I had decided against the new and the already ever worn dress, which also is even longer.

So the new black. I can hardly remember, that I once actually once made me so obviously done without time constraints, so I was in the end really satisfied with my appearance. Unfortunately, this time I forgot my double sided tape and so have to paint my nails glued directly.

Zoe's Tip No.. 1
double sided tape is ideal to paint nails, without, that they need to be touched. Double-sided tape on the finger tips and then paint. Excellently suited the small double-sided pads, which are intended for photo albums. These do not stick as much and you do not need scissors
Zoe's Tip No.. 1 – end

grumble something like this usually goes wrong with me, but this time I had plenty of time and they've taken me… Perfekt.Um to save my already bruised feet I ran the way, then fully styled, with a short black dress, long fingernails in goleicher color as the lipstick and — white sneakers — Greek. What a break in style, but except for the pizza guy and Pricilla saw me so yes no. BTW. this pizza was the worst pizza, I have ever eaten. Worse than a cheap frozen pizza and only slightly warmer than a similar prior to thawing.

Eventually the time had then come, drive off. 're In the regnete, war kar, that we would not drive open… You do not want to sit in the wet yes……

Unfortunately, we had forgotten in the afternoon, To close the roof properly. Thus we still sat in at least damp and close the now damp roof, took a lot of effort and determines a quarter of an hour. Good good, matter. Leave the car at the sister and wanted a taxi for the last way to mislead House.

The Party
This time we have to pay any entrance fee, and this time were only “really high quality” Girls present. There must be hundreds of trannies in Berlin, why are there so few driving around?

No matter: Examples of this: Here and Here and Here and Here and Here and Here… There were some girls there anymore. Pricilla sprach davon, that with few exceptions, they were all there, so they would know in Berlin. In fact, the factor score was normal per tranny this time is less than the last time. It will have all your waiting for 5 Years Nina Queer and 4 Made years Irrenhouse.

But it was not only more but also more generally because trannies on stage. The program began with a drag queen, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. She was loose on heels and huge hair 2,50 and was :Nina Queer: with the words “Long face with cotton candy” announced.

It was followed by ADES Zabel, which is apparently known to everyone in Berlin, but I was completely unknown unfortunately bisdato. It was at least surprising, I confessed, they do not know… (Again, I was a little surprised, I :ADES Zabel: a week later when 10 Nonsense Comedy anniversary year saw… Apparently the lady is not only an original Berlin, but Instin cabaret and one of the best drag-Djanes. Wow.

Then it was again extremely trashy barmaid with Anna Bar as “Hobby Star” was touted. It went on Trashy, than :Gloria Viagra:, also loosely 2,50 Meters, for their song listing a Bauchtanzpersiflage. The culmination was Trashhà ¶ but clearly Tatiana, in her song “Mutilated edicts” took a similar. This song was 50 years-style, However, interspersed with wild punk parts, rte which INDICATIVE to repeat the Wà ¶ hà ¤ “I fuck you by, I fuck you fuck you,” limited. while it was a doll after all Edward Stoiber Rules of art concerned

Glamorous, however, was again Stella the Stroy, actually the only 3:20 would sing? Lips move? perform? may have. Who soft Nina Queer neither? “The DJ is as agreed by 3:20 stall, because I can not stand the old longer”

But absolute highlite was the hostess, the firstonce told, Transsexuals with that 5 are sexually mature and then as Daliah Lavi “A ship we come” gave the best, than girls of Piraeus us night for night at the harbor and was thereby in a Ließ wear rubber boat by the amount Extrem Crazy.

a better picture of me there was not this time.

Interesting was the condition, when Priscilla was talking to a girl, I of course did not know and now times when I was outside my circle I also did not think, if I could ever know. That changed abruptly, when she said,, I'd known this happen. *thinking ** thinking ** thinking * Du bist Dani, or? It was she, and she looks really great. Dani maybe goodbye to three, but we stayed until 6 House in a mental. Tolle Party 🙂


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  2. Hi,
    ich bin nicht aus Berlin, würde aber gerne mal wenn ich da bin die Irrenhouse Party besuchen! Findet die Party noch statt? Wann und wo und/ oder gibt es Alternativen???
    Freue mich ueber eine Antwort!

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