Women stereotypes

The more one has previously complied with a cliché, surprised more people are, if you act contrary to this stereotype.
Red.Coral (*1984)

Photo safari through the prejudices of EuropeSpiegel Online has just a very nice photo gallery of the page, in which it comes to clichés. A Berlin-based artist has himself in 17 various European ladies transformed. Of the racy Spanish, the German cleaning woman, on cheap beautiful Polish woman and the local-Austrian. Well worth seeing and certainly one or the other there is a few nice photo ideas is hip gewinnen.Nachmachen.

But not all the Pole, please. Show me fiery Portuguese women, sweet Swedes, sporting Austrians and Antje.

And while we're at it we can play so cliche trannies. What is there for different facets or different images types.

This is probably my Trannyklischeebild number 1
No face, long hair, short skirt, flashing garter, Nahtnylons und High Heels. Los Mädels toppt das 🙂


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