Sabrina's birthday party

Do not let them talk you. We will convince you already.
Ã, Â © Joachim Panten (*1947),

So the weekend was the big party with Sabrina to. Just over 40 People had signed up and wanted the day to night and do the other way around. Should start the whole thing with a workshop of Elli under the heading

“How do I remove the makeup on correctly 2 Meters and I fucking with the eye of the beholder best”

held. The week before you could remember that great events cast their shadows ahead. Somehow all were edgier than before, and hardly anyone (at least those, who signed up) remained completely calm. Also, a certain tension with me was not entirely be dismissed in the last days of the hand…

I actually had to go to a 60s party before Friday Femme En, Unfortunately, however, failed to find a willing companion. Bored, I then appeared to realize just once again in Yahoo Messenger, that Galley äääh Galore online war.

As usual hints were, that Pia can once again missed a great event, because they do not dare get out. Some would this syndrome with “Cast pearls before swine” or simply as “Waste” describe. – I also!

Friday, they said then “as expected”, that they do not really know, whether it comes, because they had no right excuse for a girlfriend, who wanted to do something with your. So they would “maybe”

How Babsy said at some point to a similar situation
“X soft, but also that they might come “maybe” this is as good as I E N E N”

I was able to convince at least my entire application of persuasion, at least come on Friday with me on this 60s party (although differently than planned as a man)

We already met earlier in a Hamburg bar for a cocktail and talked and firstonce our best stories, where we “just” are not busted, filosofierten over the eyeliner to the waitress and later at the party dress and shoes over the singer of the band, that just occurred there, we talked about the scandal, when we were grown out from mother's shoes, there through the good and the cruel outfit outfit of some girls and much more.
“Has the privilege to be a woman, and then something, cruel”

I told the troops at Sabrina and, what this party is not just and promised Pia, to contact the Allerwehrtesten with the most pointed ends of my shoes, if she does not come. …and they came… and as.

I am saying by Desiree still in the ears, as Pia gedresst appeared on the viewing area. “Who is the the beauty over there?” – “The love Desiree is Pia.”

They came, saw and conquered, lounged in front of cameras, drank a lot and laughed even more playing with kittens showed your shoes, was naturally (or they floated) there through the area and generally won hearts for themselves.

This again is a quote by Desiree:
And forgive me for all, Pia does not mean that your, but it is the beauty of the evening. Wow. Forgive’ I possibly, Pia – that should not be intrusive, But you're just a beauty…

Mooooooment mal.

I recite times just.
A good-looking, young, Laughing, sometimes bitchy blonde with a not inconsiderable Faibel for shoes, who enjoys standing in front of cameras, are, sit or to pose at all is to be the center.
Hey this is actually my job 😉

Okay, That being said,, we divide and form the duo Infernal. 4 Shoes on a picture are always twice as good, as only two. And together, can buy much cheaper anyway overseas high-heeled shoes.

…and the beauty of the evening has always done, when the shy girl, Pia in Altona hat das aufgetan, overcomes himself and appears to a party with Sabrina. I saw two pictures and honestly, because we need to attract us all hot. Hamburg seems to have some great living room trannies to offer. Pia has come out of its hole. Let's see, wann die anderen folgen 🙂

And they will follow, I am sure.

oh yeah the actual party, I'm a second time.



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