Slow worms on the bitch hard

It is not blind, when you see next to a Friend.

Whether a party can serve as a basic, just sometimes just over the weekend 1.300 Might be some kilometers demolish – included me – ask. I would say simply “And”, because partout another good reason I can not remember.

Maybe I just wanted to state just once with my remediate environmental tax, 'm just Schlafentzugsfetischist or have decided to test all German hotels….

No, I turn it over, I'm afraid the only reason were actually the party and some little person, I hoped, times to see there live and learn. The later has also worked quite well. For example I had before, Frau Box times to finally see live and in color. Unfortunately, however, she said shortly before a man, the times should be later Annabelle rang, from. But Donna did not want to admit, that the reason for non-appearance “Zoe kommt!” was. No better yet: “That would be a reason to go but” Something I like to listen to, even if it is a pity, that it does not come.

Well no matter, rang the Bell's, My Astra has received a large sports bag and a large beauty case invited and it went on to a motorway. The trip was uneventful except for the no nonsense easy instruction, I should “down there” not call Bavaria, the Franks were. I know `n Quatsch. Who the war (Bavaria / Franconia) loses has to live with it. I'm not a Frenchman, although Napoleon had once occupied Hamburg. One is for me a Bayer Bayer. Point!

So we arrived in Nuremberg and names the first available car park next to the hotel only to find, that we came out exactly on a shopping street. Man I really wanted to sleep another round. Instead, the luggage was stowed and went shopping firstonce. When I left the hotel came to me already the next beauty case against carrier, who wanted in there….

Close to the hotel was a store with tons of expensive high-heeled shoes in the shop window. Of course I had to take a closer look. My question, whether something is said above, the seller “Ja Ballkleider” – No reason, not to take the closer look. The seller was probably the Spanish before and he followed me. “They certainly look a gift” … Gift? Nope I only look. Well I then informed him about, why the whole day already suspect many very interested men haunted by the store. That was somehow struck him, but he could not place it.

Back to the hotel to get ready to move slowly, to devastate the room, to decide at the last minute for another outfit and getting angry, that the necessary accessiores still lying at home and annoy Annabelle by my slowness “No Annabelle I'm almost done, just stick nails and paint” ….Hours later we went finally to the party.

With the glasses I could see at first glance about three people, I saw reference to some pictures. Mia, Susan, Trinchen. A very lousy ratio and it showed again, I do not particularly successful in “Recognize people” thousand.

Much worse, I thought to recognize people, just to talk to her and find out, I had just terribly wrong…. That's happened to me twice and I have speeches from firstonce- deposed and my glasses. Then I let myself realize just! A great idea.

Hairy however, it will always, when the conversation is as follows:
Du bist Zoe! AHM and stimmt… and uhhh who are you?
Really uncomfortable it is beyond, if you fststellt, that these persons are, whose sides are actually always been visited from time to time and you will have long long silence secretly and quietly quite magnificent…

I really often, for example in Masha's pictures amazement sat in front of my laptop, I clicked through her many pictures and repeatedly asked, whether it has invaded a wig studio… The same happened with Kerstin Black, which is no coincidence since the first day of this blog right from persons, of which I was particularly fascinated somehow…

…Now they stood before me, both recognized me, and I both did not recognize. A disaster for me.

A disaster on the same topic but other species has also experienced Annabelle, as Trinchen to her Meinte “Du bist doch Anja-K, or?” Many One may view this as an insult… Including Annabelle. Honestly it was a little speechless and I can not at first rather Trinchen guess who I could have been. 🙂

Just for comparison:
This is Anja-K
and this is Annabelle

…One of Many says now, the selection of images is not fair.
But the confusion it was not

0:55, hence more tomorrow


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