It's good, to fear of danger; which saves times the fear in danger.
Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 – 1916)
There was still something?!And, exactly, in the week after the Bitch hard Annabelle sent me the first images, which of course I had to look directly or in the company. So after a long day at work I did in the company looked at pictures and saw, that one or the other but each image has become quite well… Somehow I have a picture of this accidentally (Strictly speaking, the above) So unnoticed ausgedruckt.Von me was this one night in the printer of our three offices….

The next day, it took a while, to the first time something has been printed. My colleague went to a printer, saw his printed text and image above. A question of who “the” for if printed. … I do not know, if my mine was petrified (I think I have mastered it quite well. …

My colleague (the other of the two) knew, I was at a party at the weekend (although of course not what a) said “that was probably H. A section of the party on the weekend?”… But also because he was standing, he of course had to take a short look….

Relatively quickly, I had fortunately in my hands and the ability to take the image then it has closely examined from a Ritsch / ratchet prevents the trash..

Won, or?? Or not?

Later we went for lunch together and I looked into the evening paper. An article about fashion and “the little black dress” as a great lead story on the last page. I read the headline uninvolved, etwa “The little black dress modern wiedere” , and he replied,, I could even come tomorrow in the little black…….

Ääääh about but noticed something.

Later, one of the two gentlemen came again on the image to speak and he could be, that he “had seen something”, but he was not sure, be looking at the picture would have been very short…. But he immediately clarified it on, what he claimed to have seen. …”The skirt was very short, and maybe you saw something underneath”… 🙂

Insipid, the rock has thus drawn attention to itself and no one has taken on the face of it. Pretty sure both have not recognize me in the picture… – but it was almost certainly.

Ohmann, something like this should not happen to me again.



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