Ebay – 3-2-1 Mine

To that, of followed my blog something, I probably can hardly pretend, I would not care shoes. As long as they are tall and beautiful, would be a lie. Pumps, Sandals, Boots, Egals whether black, red or colorful. They must be highly. Eben real High Heels.

My favorite Pumps (rosa, white, turquoise) so now everyone probably knows now, and they are even already come without the rest of the body to a gallery of a disco. But if everyone knows this is boring. To meet some new have so ago and to my reputation, Dia no 08/15 black and high-couple…

hard to find something…

On today's (well now yesterday) Day as I once again made my daily Ebay round I noticed these shoes on and my mind went blank.

H-A-B-E-W N-O-L-E-L-N !!!

Now I could hardly contradict myself and I only wait eagerly for these shoes, to which I have of course absolutely nothing to wear.


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