Sweet Transvestite

So than. 2 times a year, the biggest German glam rock cover band occurs “Sweety Glitter and the Sweethearts” in Hamburg im Logo auf. With a lot of make-up, Wigs, Platoeschuhen und ziemlich abgefahrener Kleidung treten sie auf und lassen die Götter des Rock’N’Roll auferstehen.

As usual, the logo was once again well attended and the atmosphere was terrific again after a few songs. Previously I was the only mood and the show interesting because, This time, however, I have some other questions put to me.

At first glance fell on me, that the bassist was wearing a similar but new wig. …….new wig? But that means, that he had been only a wig.. and the others. Since I know this band (and are safe 10-15 Years) carry the same types of wigs. The one with blue glitter stripes, another in yellow color. It does not look like, than would have been the ever replaced.

How do they do that? The same wig over several years? And all sweaty after each performance. This is incomprehensible to me, how this can work. But that must be for years completely out…

Well, a joy made me this band. They played an encore, they have not played for many years. Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sweety played earlier this even in corset and suspenders …However, I do not know in what kind of shoes, because it is already so long ago, that it did not interest me the bean. Now, now, since it is several years more mature, He has played this fully clothed, but it was veeeery great.
I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania.

behind the image is a hidden way 6:41 minütiges Video von Sweety Glitter.

Video von Sweet Transvestite


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