About me….

There were times, I meant me, having to justify anything here. But I do not musss, because so far in my 8 Years as Zoe Delay I have seen many great things and incredibly incredibly little crummy stuff, I could count on one hand it. Friends, Known, of family and work colleagues is known Zoe and everything is great. So if I'm ?

Zoe Delay, Drag Queen in Berlin.

Thats all!

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18 thoughts on “About me….

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  3. Also, I can honestly say, I didn't recognize you as a man! If I “the goal” have read, I slowly got suspicious, but first, when I read it here, I noticed that you are a man!So you are not far from your goal!xoxo Michelle

  4. Hi, thanks for the link!! The Artist Charity Night was really great.
    Unfortunately, I just can't insert the YouTube video, because I can't copy the code.. no idea why that doesn't work * annoyed *

  5. Hi Zoe,
    I didn't want to let it be taken from me, As a self-confessed St.. First of all to congratulate Pauli fans on the historic victory of your kicker from Kiez at our Alemannia at the first game in our new stadium
    However 0:5 is already violent …
    Greetings from AC

  6. “and finally ask yourself once, How it comes, that you even found this page.”
    Funny: i came here, because I'm desperately looking for a delay generator for my laboratory. Damage, you don't sell.


  7. Hello !
    Why did you choose these colors on your webpage ?
    I guess, you are an NPD supporter and suspect too, that Gansel from the NPD would lead a bisexual double life, if a cute guy would turn up…….I've already seen a lot at Gayromeo and there may be many gay or bisexual National Democrats, where Gansel himself says, that being gay is allowed in privacy……i just think, he is under pressure as a V-man or is just like Jörg Haider……..to !
    Am I right about that? ?

  8. Love(r) Zoe,

    Actually, I'm looking for high heels and happened to land on your site. I don't want to leave without leaving a greeting and saying,hey the site is very naughty,honest and amusing,am thrilled,I'm a woman now,even if a lot of me with my guard measure of 185 think cm for a man,is probably also due to the out-fit,now I'm redesigning myself and looking for inspiration and ideas,because i like it crazy.

    Laber,laber,take it easy and keep it up!!!!

    Grüssle Maxi

  9. Liebe Zoe,
    please, You have to help me,
    I'm hired to go shopping for one or two glamorous outfits with a wonderful TG in Berlin.
    Now I've searched all the crossdresser sites and still haven't found anything
    Maybe you have a hot tip for a shopping tour through Berlin?
    Big kiss Lola

  10. Hello Zoe,

    I ended up here via Google search for Amazon Eve. There are strange coincidences, hm? I think your homepage is nice and interesting, although that's not quite my world. I am TF (post-op) and live completely inconspicuous and content.


  11. Hello Zoe,
    Big compliments for your great website!
    As a hobby fetish photographer and cameraman one can only wish for hot tranny girls like the one on your HP. Maybe you have, or someone from your circle of friends fancy a photo shoot or video shoot,(Berlin) then you are very welcome to contact me!
    Greetings and keep it up …
    Your big fan – Benny

  12. Cool hobby. Finally someone, who has fun as a man, dressing up as a woman. I've been trying to persuade my boyfriend for years, to put on a dress. Just for fun. But more than skin-tight Miss Sixty jeans (that suited him better than me) he never allowed himself to be persuaded when wallpapering.
    Damage… He also has a great figure like you.

  13. Cool side. Sag mal, how can you move around Berlin without incident? Have had some unpleasant experiences with activities. Do you drive a taxi?

  14. Hi sweetheart, I feel like you. Just need to feel really like a woman from time to time. But compliments, You look really hot. But I'm sure of mine 1,95 With my high heels, I'm certainly the tallest everywhere. XOXO Sarah

  15. Hello Zoe.
    Perfect, Clear and beautiful website from you with enough information about what is going on in the areas of events in the scene.
    You are so beautiful, have a loving and shiny charisma and an incredibly perfect clothing style – in your figure certainly sees everything “world class” from.
    Keep wishing you only the BEST.
    Greetings from Austria – Melanie Shine (aka Jürgen)

  16. Hey
    Was actually just looking for a Marylin Monroe picture, and came across your side. Great pictures, and wow, the “fits” (read english) total. Took a while to figure it out, that you are not a cis woman. Keep it up, and don’t forget to be awesome.

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