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Hello Travesta Jünger. The service of Travesta is like your very straight out of operation, but who cares? There is not nothing other pages except Travesta, where you can hang out.



a forum such as a chat with Travesta, now well maybe not quite as superficial, but there registered users are trying really found a modicum of content to offer. So for me the alternative to Travesta Forum.


but who really wants to look much better pictures is probably in good hands rather Lypstik. The whole thing is a T-Girl Hot or Not page. Tons of pictures of T-Girls, Shemales, Crossdressern etc.. Thought a lot of pictures and really great to Vote. My second alternative to Travesta.

There are days when you realize, that you get older.

Wednesday was once again one of these days for some time, there is the portal Disguise in which I am a member also since the first days. I'm so totally pain free and sign up firstonce everywhere, where hinverirren could possibly times a transvestite – and that costs a membership fee. So I was just too long Travesta Member. However, I was just logged in and not even logged in. – at least until a few weeks

Well, then somehow it has driven me recently again on the side and I have looked at the page times closer…

Overall, the page does not convince me particularly and most people there, you already know of some other portals.

But there are always times again Hamburger girls, who have made it so far, to escape my Trannyradar. Thus, for example Kitty. I did not know the girl but so far. Some mails later, we were planning then simply strike out times together.

Since I no longer live with my parents but fortunately since a long time now, However, this was not the case with Kitty, I got it from somewhere in Norderstedt and we dressten with me in my Minibath.

Since Wednesday is now even in Hamburg not too much going on and Kitty had some concerns, go to the neighborhood would nonetheless be nothing out of the drawing lots. Instead, we have held langs chatted one evening and a whole bunch of pictures.

There are even a few come out quite nice here



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  1. What I want to say this infomercial? Zufalligerweise kenne ich mich ebenfalls ziemlich gut mit Online-Recht aus.

    und Dir ist schon klar, dass die Meta Keywords so ziemlich das allerunwichtigste SEOObjekt einer Seite ist?

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