Jahresausklangparty im Cafe Scandal

Transenparty in Hamburg Oktober 200

Last week was announced not only in my holiday, but also the Jahresausklagsparty in the cafe Scandal in Dusseldorf. Eventually I heard from Annabelle, that it goes to the Trans-meeting meeting moderator and just visit this New Year's Eve party. For this purpose they would come under at Petra…. Maybe I should have but like, having to come to the party, The bar was nice and it would seem as if they could develop from a Trans Brav party a really nice party.

Transenparty Düsseldorf

The way there they would take me, So I would need “only” accommodation and a return opportunity… Das klang a) unrealistic and b) therefore not particularly interesting.

This view changed abruptly, when I learned, Sarah and Babsy that would also be at the party and was adviced to only recently pleading and begging an asylum for the night in Cologne and a ride from the party in Dusseldorf to Cologne. So was missing was the way back, I solved via the Carpool.

Also: with Annabelle to Dusseldorf, dressen wherever, Babsy back to Cologne, spend the night there with Sarah and Cologne back with an unfamiliar person.

With such a plan can actually go just something wrong. Because I know that, and because I know my child Chaos yes, I wanted as much as possible at least ensure, all that I “vital” Information and thereby have Assesoires. So I got myself a “Tranny on Travel Checklist” created, which works very well. Except for Sarah's number and more.

Of particular note is, I've taken the ONLY on this list. So only ONE pair of shoes, only ONE KLeid and makeup only what I really need. My bag was never so easy.

Everything went great, Annabelle picked me up, the snow on the highway was negligible and there was no congestion. I also could clarify moment during the car ride, that I could dressen with at Petra and Annabelle's navigation system made a great job. So we arrived safely and in good time to at Petra.

Glitzer Barbie

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