Glitter Barbie to touch

Arrived at Petra, I found, that not only Annabelle, Petra and I us this “Event” met there and had dressen. No, Total running there for seven or 8 Trance rum, all of which deal made in a bathroom and a bedroom. Well, Petras woman with two little girls somewhere between 7 to 9 and 9 to 11 should also come. It was so full – and as to such matters always a shambles.
Woman romped to a sink almost to the, you stumbled all over Ortens Travel Bags, Beauty Cases and Handbags and always stood in the way of anyone.

Someone? No, when I examine it actually was always only Annabelle through. “Annabelle, let me just past times…” Annabelle, I have just once in my purse” “Annabelle, You can sometimes just”

I think I'm pretty annoyed… But what can you do? After all, I wanted to look good and had me with my Glitter outfit against hard Competition push through. Sah die dumme Q 😉 doch furchtbar gut aus auch wenn sie einen etwas komischen Federschmuck im Gesicht trug, had to leave their feathers for certainly two birds of paradise or she has abgeluchst the next best two Apaches. As I was a bit overdressed for the targeted location, but at least she was wearing red to me at least made no competition Glitter.

Glitter Barbie and Vogelmeuchlerin at a time when we could both tolerate some powder…

“If anybody more than I glistens, then he flies out…. äähm unless he is here by chance at home”

“At home” although in the apartment underneath is also Father Petras, the recently Petra and white with a pretty flimsy excuse came up and looked for the right. The sight of 8 dressenden Transen hat ihn aber relativ schnell wieder nach unten gehen lassen 😉

Also there “At home” were also Bine and the two little girls, had a lot of fun, walking around between all the trannies and leave your comments. Eventually they saw me in my outfit and glitter seemed suddenly to have fallen in. From then on I had two small shadow, were eating out of my hand. I do not like that they would get rid of, but I would have wanted, I had barely made it.

As Annabelle aptly analyzed in retrospect

“Ooooh a Barbie Glitter to touch” 🙂

Achja Annabelle! Here in this blog should not be neglected, Annabelle was pretty slow at this time dressen… And, I was done before her – and rather long.

“I always have to wait for you” *grinz*

This of course I told my little shadow, which makes it even more frequently told the Evening Annabelle. “Naaa Annabelle, You're still not ready”.

Oh what I'm manipulative.

The first question from Sarah at the party was following the rest later: “In, what was the reason, why do you come so late? Their intention and the expected answer was there clear. However, I could say with relish, I KNOW it was not diemal.

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