Dusseldorf – end

Somehow I noticed, I've left something out. What was it like at the party in Dusseldorf at all – and it was actually a party as such?

Although the whole thing is just three weeks back, I still write a few words. After all, it's a diary and one wants to yes can still remember in many years.


Cafe Scandal. Hmmm Cafe Scandal is a mixture of corner bar and lounge. A long cord, a seating area and some, looked after dining. Not very inviting but somehow very quaint. A pub that is, in which it does not take a, when it passes, in it but it is very nice, if you just firstonce there’ is.

“Inside” were then allerhans people. About half and half trannies regulars, the local pub that was, Diane has taken over there before the regiment and it was the Trans stronghold in Dusseldorf. Next to (mostly younger) Regulars were there so a lot of trannies, many also, I've seen the last time on Sabrina's party.

The evening is actually not so much to say. The shop was full I overdressed and you could cause a whole set of nice conversations and – I was without a car there yes – also take one or other alcoholic beverage to be.

What do you drink in a bar? Beer Scene (Becks Gold, Becks Lemon) ? Probably not Gibbet. Cocktails? Gibbet certainly not…. So a beer, even though I do so from a real beer not think…. On my order “Well then I'll just have a beer” came the question “Old or Pils”…. Old beer and I do not drink at all because I act according to the motto “watt neighboring nich kinnt, hey fret nich” therefore prefer a pilsner.

So I sucked around with my beer, I drank without much enjoyment. Eventually, it was all and I urgently had to find something else edible.

Well then just a vodka-O. Not the fulfillment but okay. Again, I asked Diane when ordering a question

“Normal” or the type of home?”
“Ähhhhhm öööh what is that?”
“Give it a try”

Na gut, I times of soft p.g. Forex and take off as a Vodka O of the house.

…of the house. A tremor of fear crept over me. What should I expect? Tabasco, Samba Olek or a bottle of vodka and a splash Osaft? Somehow, it had to be something ekeliges. But far from.

O Vodka with a splash of Galliano (Vanille-Likör) together makes the softest and most delicious vodka-O, I've been drinking and you hardly notice, that there also alcohol involved or. Glass. Now I know the way also, that this Harvey Wallbanger is.

The drink takes its name from a surfer named Harvey, who celebrated his victory with a drink, which was known as Italian Screwdriver until then (Screwdriver + Galliano). Since he had probably much to celebrate, He was so drunk, that he stumbled with his head against the wall frequently and thus had his nickname was. Heard about a Galliano importer and launched a major advertising campaign with posters, T-shirts and glasses, resulting in, that the drink was known by that name (Critics claim that, All this could only have been a promotion and the surfer named Harvey never existed).

Now, progresses hour and many Harvey Wall bangers of the evening was still really funny. you looked at me the evening for a short time with a nasty blue carnival wig, I made a short hair replacement with Petra (There is a photo on the three we really look both stupid rare) and Diane have not banned, I would have danced on the table. So I had only one chair, However, a little something to the dance floor offered. Also Mädels, who wants to open a Coyote Ugly Trannybar, should contact me. ich bin dabei 🙂

Incidentally, it was at the end still images, that really did not show me in the best light.

Brand: Trannydasein tolerate alcohol and are difficult to.

ich zeige aber trotzdem lieber ein nettes Foto 🙂

Otherwise, I've slept well the night, I was of liquorice (the cat by Sarah-Maria) guarded, monitored at the times and times beside me, But do not lose sight of the way back to the car pool and has also worked well.

I only had a little difficulty, explain, why I pulled my winter coat in the car all the time. ..Nun meinen Pullover hatte ich bei Petra vergessen und meine Felljacke wollte ich dann im Auto doch nicht anziehen 😉

Anyway, Dusseldorf was funny.

Ps. Trannykalender this is really a lot better than I expected, but I do not buy it anyway. I buy but not Trannybilder, die mich nicht zeigen 😉


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