Angelina Jolie and Kim Basinger

Zoe is a mix of Angelina Jolie and Kim Basinger

With trannyflickr a small tool was presented, with which one can find out, which stars are you like the spitting image of. But look for yourself, Who do you look so similar: my Heritage.

I myself am (at least with this photo) to 62% Kim Basinger, to 61% Shania Twain and to each 49% Nicole Kidman und Anna Kournikova. I don't think I can complain about that 🙂

Who do you look for something like that?

there was a picture here

With another photo I have, for example, bonds of Angelina Jolie. (Isn't the worst choice either 🙂 )

there was a picture here

Oh, I forgot, I'm still a big part David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust. This is actually the coolest 🙂

there was a picture here

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3 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie and Kim Basinger

  1. Hm, am ahnlichsten sehe ich Jennifer Lopez (73%).
    Wenn ich ein Foto in mannlicher Gestalt reinstelle, sehe ich… Jennifer Lopez (71%) am ahnlichsten.

    Well, man erfahrt immer wieder Neues über sich 😉

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