Petra's first birthday

Well finally, I've managed, Find Recklinghausen and I've even managed, dressen to me somewhat.

So I've done it again, to be my reputation and pretty much the last to appear on the location. So it should be.

My new boots however, were already at the party – but not on my feet. Joana Marie has the same and she wore that evening.

However, not only this. Weißes Top, Blue Jeans (Rock) same shoes, pailettenband am Top bzw. Pailettengürtel, silver clock or. Silver Bracelet. Oh and blonde hair. Quite a few similarities.

Party Zur:
Sehr nette Party, a party room, by little more square than trannies were, to some girlfriends, Women and a whole lot of buffet and drinks.

Was very nice, that Sarah Girlfriend was once again at a party and apparently had a lot more fun than the last time.

Especially Partywütig way, was at this party Bine, the one or the other bottle of champagne (Bitch shower) emptied (und der es am nächsten Morgen nicht wirklich gut ging 😉 )
Some war sehr Nett, I have had nice conversations, and generally had a lot of fun. But who the hell came up with the idea to recreate Dirty Dancing lift figure.

Was it me about yourself?
As a result, I'm still only shown itself, zuammen that could not lift me high Petran and Jenny. So I MIHC again made a fool of himself. 😉 Aber das mache ich je gerne.

Thanks to Petra and Bine, that they have given me the night shelter and I even got the big bed. A warm water bed is a great thing.

The return by the way of three hours, only about a third the way there

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