Unknown and acquaintances in common.

Today I chatted with Bianca, whether, If so, and especially when we would meet some time in Hamburg.

For quite some time we are in various chats, Run forums and portals on the way, but at a meeting, it has never come.

during the Chattes came out, that we had both ever met Sammy and that we both Sabrina is not unknown. I showed some pictures and they asked:

they: You were on the bitch hard?
I: Oh, and!
they: I was there in September, Unfortunately I could not this time.
I: But I would probably not have recognized you anyway, I'm also not in September.
they: You were in September on the bitch hard? Humorous, I would have recognized you sure
I: I can prove it:

they: I also know the Neomi, I went down with the club
I: Humorous, You kennst Neomi, sabrina und sammy, only we have not yet run across our path.

they: I'm laughing just broken.
I: ??
they: I even once had you in my arms

they showed me a picture, actually, they, mich und Annabelle zeigte 🙂 Witzig.

When I saw the picture, I noticed also a, I spoke to her, because I confused with another person. She was not this person, I was embarrassed, and quickly screwed me again:

That was my blog entry:

Much worse, I thought to recognize people, just to talk to her and find out, I had just terribly wrong”¦. That's happened to me twice and I have speeches from firstonce- deposed and my glasses. Then I let myself realize just! A great idea.

Now, pretty sure we'll meet now through next Wednesday times.


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  1. and, watt löpt. Treffen im G&G und dann mal sehen, was der Kiez am Mittwoch zu bieten hat. Im Zweifelsfall Hamburger Berg

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