Annabelle's 50 Best Blogs

Eggs, I have a Egoproblem, I admit frankly. For this reason, I look to look at every day and in my referrer, if someone linked me to the depths of the net and given me so visitors.

Normally I see there the usual suspect links, Becky, Sarah, Kath or again and again Annabelle, so today, So nothing special.


But wait, since when does Annabelle on? The New Domain? Let's see just.

Far from. Instead of the expected Annabelle this is obviously the website of the Swiss women's magazine gleichnmigen, the 50 Best Blog gekührt and has taken me there. Wonder, became!

The fifty best blogs
Meanwhile, it is the world around 40 Spend millions Blogs. Das Problem DaBei: How can readers orient themselves in this mass? annabelle has clicked through the blogosphere and picked out the fifty best blogs.

According to the website Annabelle is not just any women's magazine, but

annabelle à ¢ € â € œ the largest women's magazine in Switzerland

and has, according to Media about 15.000 monthly visitors, and thus least twice as many visitors as I ;-)… When I read the so-, my website is quite large

Well, I am definitely excited about this honor. What is there?
Zoe blogging about life as a transgender inclusive scene info. For example, a checklist for traveling Trannys (darin u. a. listed: anklebbare nail, Nail Glue, Nail polish, double-sided adhesive tape for nail painting photo).

And Mädels, some of my content Trannycheckliste sind auch für Frauen unbedingt nötig 🙂

matching contributions:
still nothing!

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