my first Tailored Evening Dress

Now I have at last found my actual computer generated and no goodwill recently Clothing sizes festgesetellt, so I also know now, what size should actually be a dress for me.

Not always help those sizes but really more, because it will give manufacturers, actually do not produce for trannies, but is organically grown women have chosen as the target group. Insofar trotzedem not always fit all.
So I went through some time ago in a Hamburg Asian boutique (spell that right? ) past, which had a gorgeous yellow / red dress in the window…. In fact, I have long sought the perfect dress for my yellow / red eye shadow. I had the idea in February, what it is to be, Now I finally had the right dress.
A few days later I showed up in this shop, and wanted to try this dress. The proud price of 190 € shocked me a little while, but was worse, that I did not like the dress. It was too tight and ever… not made for my curves.

But the little Asian shop assistant had no problems with my request, took out her tape measure and measured me up short from.

Tuntenball Hamburg

(Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for the expertly measured dimensions.

No matter. Should follow a long, heavy, customized, extravaganzes evening dress in bright yellow / red colors. I wanted to wear this Tuntenball

You want to be noticed yes…


3 thoughts on “my first Tailored Evening Dress

  1. Hello Zoe –

    das ist ein herrliches Kleid ! Glückwunsch.

    Damage, daß es auf dem Tuntenball nicht so prickelig zuging


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  3. wegen meiner arbeit sehe ich viiiiele kleider, aber deins WOW, wonderful. passt absolut zu deine haare und alles. bei mir eventuell nicht so (lockige braune)

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