The larger the breasts, the more likely a type

The mirror has again a small, brought nice post, the excellent fit my blog. It is about men, weiblliche use in computer games Charaktäre.


How to write the mirror?

Their female avatars stand out with scanty clothing and lush busts.

Help me briefly from the terminal. To what this reminds me just? I mean trannies, the notice by scanty clothing I know enough to. And when I surf through Netzt, I find again and again that, remember their breasts to breasts but not very much more on hot air balloons. So it seems, as if not only the computer game avatars but also the real-life avatars similar to knit. In the end it is quite something only men, they create. (Although I must admit, against a Lara Croft I would not trade without batting Zoe with eyelash dre… Although I of course Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft my. )

Others had a simple explanation – the visual stimulus at the sight of their own character. “They prefer to look at a figure, Lara Croft looks like as a character like Rambo”, explains the psychologist.

Which brings us again the subject “own reflection” are. Unfortunately I do not remember, who said it, but the claim is still true.

Trannies are in love with her own reflection

Or can explain any, why the common tranny has thousands of photos on the computer and this at Flickr, shows in forums or portals and why no mirror is small enough, to not even see right in. (with the flimsy excuse, to look briefly, if the makeup is still sitting? All excuses. I maintain: Trannies are in love with her own reflection.

Mike Janney also, a professional software tester at Microsoft, always only play male roles – everything else would be disingenuous for him, he says. “I tend to, I stay in contact with other players even. And it is quite irritating for me, when I experience a male player in a female role.”

Well even those people, there are still. I've been told, that there should still be people, it “quite irritating” Quote, when they see a man in women's clothing. Even though I have let me also say, that even these “Men in women's clothes” actually they themselves are.

The Ergbnis this study can be almost 1:1 transferred to the Trannywelt. Now I wonder but a:

If the Select a female character have the precursor to transvestism?

Opinions ?

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One thought on “The larger the breasts, the more likely a type

  1. Hello Zoe.
    Ich möchte dir mal eben bestatigen, dass auch ich lieber z.B. Bei Star Wars in weibliche Charaktere schlüpfe. Genau aus dem Grund, weil ich da so ziemlich meine Traumfigur und sogar Frisur erschaffen kann. Und dann ist dieser Charakter eben nicht das kleine Dummchen, sondern schlagfertig (in genau diesem Sinne 🙂 ) und wehrhaft. 😉
    Und genau so sahe ich mich auf der anderen Seite der Geschlechterrolle.

    Da ich gegenwartig beruflich zur anderen Seite (M)gezwungen werde, lasst sich die andere Seite (F) eben nur virtuell ausleben. Aber das geniesse ich ziemlich regelmassig.
    liebe Grüße

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