Scissor Sisters

MTV Gay Day – Scissor Sisters

As I zap it a bit today by the world of television history and stop at MTV, which held a Gay Day today. What there is not anything…

No matter. In the course of this Gay Days there was a concert of today Sissor Sisters and I must confess, I have this band been underestimated. They are great as I thought.

For all those, do not know the Scissor Sisters had said the following: Take di Milva young and the young George Michael, they could learn the concept and the attitude of band Rosenstolz, make the music of The Darkness and a show of Erasure. This shot everything through a meat grinder is something in the Scissor Sisters.

If I read my way through, then it's okay for a Gay Day. Anyhow, Scissor Sisters are great.


What exactly has to do with this blog, except that I think this band class? Well basically that's enough, However, here comes the thematic proximity. The two lead vocalists are pretty great…

Ana Matronics describes himself caught like a drag queen in a woman's body (welch ein Drama 😉 ) Jake Shears and moved as a drag queen Cubic Zirconium by Seattle and performed, for example, to James Bond theme songs.
As already said, a great band.

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